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dimanche 21 février 2010


My sister and I used to fight a lot when we were young. But as we grew up, a comlicity settled between us, even if there's still some fight.
We love winter, we love that it's cold and snowing so that we can draw angels in the snow with our body, that your breath leave a mark on the window when you look outside, that you wear scarf and glove and boots and thick sweaters.We love the warmth which comes from a big, funny, patchwork which we usually put on our legs when we see a movie or read, we love the strong, shinning light of a fire in the grate and the sweet sound of the woodshed's crackling, and above all, we love the hearty, great smell of our family winter's meals.
One day, I was in bed, I was actually supposed to sleep, but I couldn't. And I looked at the window.. it was snowing ! It made me so happy that I jumped out of my bed and went to see my sister.
She felt the same joy as me when she saw those tiny flakes falling from the dark blue sky of that night.
We were laughing like two girls who see the snow for the first time, it was a simple thing, just snow, just night, just the two of us looking at the window...but I could feel the complicity that I share with my sister and for me, it was a magic moment.
So winter is by far the best season of the year, it's a time when people get together, a time of joy and family celebration (Christmas holidays).
In winter, there's something in the air, something that makes you forget all your trouble and just enjoy your time, make the most of life.That's why I love winter so much : it brings people together.

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